You Have Been Boll Weevil’d…


“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten” Joel 2:25

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose..” Romans 8:28

I recently read an incredible story about an unlikely hero. The Boll Weevil! What the heck is a Boll Weevil? I had no idea….

The Boll Weevil Is a crop-destroying insect that feeds on cotton and flowers. Originally migrating from Mexico this little parasite destroyed the South by eating farmers out of house and home. This little bug would devour all the cotton crops in the early 1900’s. Mississippi State University has estimated that since the boll weevil entered the United States it has cost U.S. cotton producers about $13 billion. The Boll Weevil was a wrecking ball. Like an Old Testament plague, it reeked havoc and devastation on an entire geographic region. Destroying jobs and flatlining poor farmers livelihoods. The economy down south was quickly declining, and many were losing hope…

After the farmers accepted the fact that cotton was no longer a reliable option; they immediately started brainstorming new ideas. Those new ideas led them to the little peanut. The great scientist George Washington Carver recently discovered over 300 new products that could be manufactured through this small nut. The innovation behind the peanut led to extremely high demands for the new products to be made in the USA. Farmers quickly jumped on the new opportunity and transformed their properties into Peanut farms. This exciting discovery led to a much greater prosperity for the region, and for the individual farmers. Until this day, the town of Enterprise Alabama has a huge statue of the Boll Weevil! The Boll Weevil forced ordinary people to use their God-given creative nature to diversify themselves. Carver himself testified that it was God that gave him the revelation of the peanut! If not for one door closing; they would have never found the new door the Lord was opening… The destruction the Boll Weevil caused was a blessing in disguise.

How many Boll Weevils have you had in your life? I have had my share of these little destroyers. They always try to distract us from our God Given callings. However, this little story reminds me of the promises of God. His word says that the Lord will repay us for all the years the Locust have eaten; and that God works All Things together for good for those who love him... These are incredible, and encouraging promises! However, they are conditional on our faith and confession in Christ.

Will you believe for a better day? When that job, relationship or promise doesn’t come through don’t allow discouragement to set in. Isolating yourself and reminiscing “what could have been” will only make things worse. I choose to believe that  Jesus is calling all of us in a greater direction. All those hurts and disappointments were just Boll Weevils directing us to a closer relationship with him. His plan for our lives is always much better than our original ideas. He can use an unlikely superhero, like that tiny insect, to elevate us to our true callings.

When one door closes, greater ones will open. So don’t dwell on the past any longer. God desires to “Lift Your Head” (Psalm 3:3) and give you a bright future (Jer 29:11). As we receive these scriptures, God will begin to use us to breath new life into others. Many people still need to hear the “good news” of the gospel. When our selfish plans fail, we need to ask God what he is trying to show us. His purposes are always for the greater good of ALL creation. So make a decision today to believe his promises, and trust he will lead you down the right path (Prov 3:5). The new path may be scary at first, but by faith we choose to believe the Best is Yet Come…